About Us

The World Domino Council (WDC) proudly represents amateur domino players, clubs and associations from around the world. The World Domino Council (WDC) is an American Institution, made up of AD HOC Representatives from the private sector and Domino Associations/organizations who are members of the WDC.

The current AD HOC WDC members are the following:

– José Lugo (Dominican Republic)

– Mayra Santiago (Puerto Rico)

– Armando Capó (Puerto Rico)

Our mission is to promote and conserve the best interests of the individuals, clubs, associations and organizations with the integrity and true spirit of the Domino Game, as embodied in its ancient and noble tradition.

The WDC membership is composed of worldwide individual players, Clubs, Associations and other invited local, national and international domino related organizations. While those organizations manage their own affairs, the World Domino Council holds and executes forums, seminars and workshops on related topics and World Class Tournaments as well.

The WDC as an educational institution is now serving the Domino Groups worldwide through continuing education conferences, certification, and outreach maintaining a unique and exclusive Ranking system for its membership. The World Domino Council has the first worldwide domino ranking system of its kind.

Special Thanks to: Mr. Armando Capó – author of the exclusive ranking program used by the World Domino Council. Mr. Capó is a graduate from Purdue University – Indiana, USA.  He is an Aerospace Engineer who presently works professionally as a Verification & Validation Consultant.

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