In Solidarity

Flag of Spain

The World Domino Council joins in an embrace of solidarity with the people of Spain and send Peace fraternally to our friend and founder of the Federación Internacional de Dominó (FID), Professor Eduard Petreñas, after the terrible events that have befallen on the beautiful, great city of Barcelona. No one or nothing could silence our voice and admiration…today and always. Long live Spain!

Welcome to the WDC

To all of our very appreciated Friends, Clubs, Associations, Federations, Partners and Clients:

World Domino Council (WDC) is pleased to invite you to learn about our services and membership benefits, such as:

• Discounts in the registration price for WDC domino tournaments around the world

• Registration priority and waiting list on International WDC Tournaments

• Access to discounts from our suppliers and providers

• Exclusive invitation to Special “Domino Outings” events from 24 to 80 persons

• 10% discount in trainings, workshops and continued education seminars

• Access to special hotel room rates for individual or group use (subject to space availability)

We wish to provide our members with top quality service.
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Mayra Capó